In May 2021, a law student called Thabani Nkomonye was allegedly killed by Eswatini police force members. This incident sparked country-wide youth-led protest calling for political reform, respect for human rights and a reform of the monarchy.

Practising their rights, they started submitting petitions to the parliament calling for democratic change, while they were trying to do that the government of Eswatini banned all the petitions saying people are not allowed in many because of the Covid pandemic.

The banning of the petitions resulted on people of Eswatini starting protesting. The protests have been met with increasing hostility from the Government forces. 

The violence has resulted in at least 70 youth being killed and hundreds injured, some arrested by the government forces. People of Eswatini, especially the youth are calling for the democratic reforms. 

On 25 June the government instructed the telecommunications service providers to stop the internet connectivity intermittently, leaving the country  digitally isolated. Then King Mswati instituted martial law implemented a curfew, and began the ongoing heavy army presence on city streets killing unarmed swazi people.

In 1968, the Kingdom of Eswatini got their independence and established a political system called the Tinkhundla System of Governance. The Tinkhundla system requires regular elections to appoint representatives from traditional community and land areas, the King enjoys powers to appoint a Prime minister and a majority of the members of the House of Senate. In 1973 King Sobhuza ll banned political parties

Up to today, political parties are not allowed under the 1973decree.


On the 16 July, King Mswati lll called Sibaya, a royal gathering. The youth started a protest in Manzini, the protestors were fired on with tear gas, water cannon and bullets by the government forces. King Mswati appointed a new Prime minister to replace the late Prime minister, ignoring a key demand made by protestors. 


We are calling on the International Human Rights Organisations to intervene. King Mswati lll has to face justice for human rights violations and the brutal killing of Eswatini people. ✊🏿✊🏿



Rainny Nomvula Dlamini