The assassination and brutal killing in cold blood of the people's human rights lawyer and chairperson of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) Thulani Maseko in Swaziland on the 21st January 2023 is a clear indication of the revolt, and concerted attacks against those who embody the ideals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Swaziland, and certainly those who stand against King Mswati's royal rule and unwaveringly continue to call for political reforms in the country. 
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) must take responsibility and concern itself with the dismal lack of strong political action to excuse its mandate of promoting peace and security in Swaziland and its refusal to decisively intervene on the inhuman injustices and merciless killings of our people. The people of Swaziland are subjected to terror and aggressive means both legal and illegal applied by King Mswati III, his government and his mercenaries as he proudly admits "Who started it".
Repeatedly, time and time again, the Mass Democratic Movement in Swaziland and non-profit organisations in around the world have reported evidence to SADC and specifically its organ TROIKA, the plight of the Swazi people under the tyranny of King Mswati III, and many have condemned and commented on it, however, SADC continues to undermine the dire situation faced by the people of Swaziland who are working for a peaceful resolve of the political transformation in the country. 
An exigency call has been made to SADC TROIKA to urgently apply the provisions of the protocol on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, to protect and safeguard the Swazi people against the rising insecurity caused by the regime. 
The killing of Thulani Maseko is immoral, unjust, intolerable and has sparked fury in the nation. Thulani Maseko was not killed for what he did but what he stood for, a struggle for the peaceful removal of oppression and for the establishment of a just society in his country. 
To King Mswati III, as you continue to present the people of Swaziland as wild dangerous  revolutionaries, intent on disorder and riot, incapable of being dealt with in any other way but be killed, remember, no one, not even you and can stop an idea whose time has come. Your crimes against Emaswati are many and they will not disappear. The blood of our people on your hands will not be vain.
The people have resolved against your (Mswati) royal rule, and you will not shut the Swazi people with such stupid acts. Freedom will rain in our land and the people will govern. 
By: Thulile Dlamini