Following our article in the Swazi Sunday times on the 21 October 2012, Mswati’s handpicked Ministers have been going round questioning what it is that the Swazi people want, Our Publicity manager Senele Msweli had this to say “The Swazi people require want the franchise on the basis of one man one vote they want political independence (DEMOCRACY) were they will have multi political parties and exercise their voting rights and have a say in the running of the country. They are many people who feel that the reaction of King Mswati III to the protest by students and workers at home ordering the general mobilisation arming the police arresting, abducting, torturing and killing of protestors, the show of force throughout the country not withstanding our clear declaration the this campaign is being run on peaceful and nonviolent lines closer chapter as far as our methods of political struggle are concerned. They are many people who feel that it is useless and futile for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence against a Dictator Mswati III whose reply is only savage attacks on unarmed and defenceless people and many Swazis think time has come for us to consider in the light of our experiences during these t protests whether the methods which Swazi people have applied so far are adequate. Furthermore, King Mswati 111 is GUILTY of contravening basic human rights, supporting and promoting acts of brutality against his own people and Systematic elimination of opposition. Therefore, Mswati is guilty of not serving the Swazi nation but interests of the Swazi royal family ONLY!!!” By Senele Msweli