dear sir ,please let me express my disappointment with our prime minister regard to the article in the times of swaziland dated 25-6-13 ANTI GOVERNMENT SPEAKERS ARE KEPT ON RECORD.
Sir the fact that the government does not want to accept that the world is changing is a big mistake as we had seen in the arab spring uprising the call for human right and the 1973 decree abolishment will only get louder and louder till it can no longer be ignored.The world has become smaller and even more connected than ever before and if our prime minister thinks somehow he will scare them away then i m sorry i have bad news for him they are going no where in fact the number will only grow.
threatening anti gov. speakers will not solve anything i suggest the government call these groups to the table to discuss how we can work together to move our country forward build a more solid union that can withstand the challenges of the twenty first century,all sides must know that in any discussion you will never get what you hoped for and must be willing to make some compromise.Our country has got the advantage to learn to those who went before us so we can avoid their mistake and can only copy what is good for us and even do better.
finally sir the government must also address the dip pressing issues that are dragging our country down high rate of crime,record level of youth unemployment,record level of government debt,corruption at the highest government level,police brutality to name just a few the list goes on and all these issues can never be fully and proper debated unless you have an opposition side that can put pressure on the government.
Dweshu Makhanya