The President of the United States, Barack Obama was inspired to make an audacious speech after a wild response from the South African crowd at FNB. He even dared and challenged the world leaders to live to the examples of Nelson Mandela. I am wondering if the leaders of Swaziland were listening to Obama's speech or even had any time to follow the events on Tuesday at FNB when all the world leaders gathered to show their last respect to Madiba.
On Friday, the Swaziland United Democratic Front and Swaziland Concerned Church Leaders organized a peaceful memorial service which was planned to start at 1400hrs inside a church in Manzini. No one anticipated that the police/government would selfishly stop this with no justification at all. Officers armed with guns and others with truncheons intimidated mourners who were unarmed.
Mourners and well-wishers around the world were invited to attend memorial services for Nelson Mandela on Friday,13 December. This showed that the whole world was recognising an icon, a man who stood for what was right. Madiba gave us hope and that hope still lives with us and that we all can make a difference to the injustice that's happening around the world and more so in Swaziland but the government of Swaziland wanted to kill that hope.
It's a disgrace what the government of Swaziland did preventing mourners and well-wishers from going to church peacefully. This should be condemned by the whole world and more so by the South African government.
Have the leaders of the Swaziland government ever read memoirs of Nelson Mandela and other past and present great leaders of the world? Dr Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini has worked for the IMF and holds a Doctorate, I'm puzzled as to how he authorised the presence of the police and stopped people going to the church on Friday. The swazi government should know that their action has only encouraged us even more to change Swaziland and the government with the royal family