The royal dictatorship has done it again… they have – through the Royal Swaziland Police (RSP) – caused disruption and confusion of and about a Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) meeting held at the Swaziland National Teachers Association (SNAT) Centre in Manzini on the 28th of February 2015.

The never ending excuses of the monarchy through and through is the inclusion of Multi-Party Democracy in TUCOSWA’s meeting agenda, of which according to Quinton Dlamini (TUCOSWA President) was not going to be removed regardless that the police wanted it off the agenda if the meeting was to go ahead as initially planned.

It was reported that the RSP had advised the management of Bosco Skill Centre in Manzini to revoke the permission given to TUCOSWA to hold their third anniversary meeting at the centre, hence the meeting ended up being held at the SNAT Centre.

The meeting was attended by close to a hundred TUCOSWA members, other members were however, blocked from entering the centre by the police who took over from the security guards who manned the gates while others were said to have been turned back by the police at roadblocks mounted around the country.

Even though the executive committee members led by Quinton Dlamini were permitted to address the members, it was clear the police intended to disrupt the meeting and had successfully caused confusion when they blocked other members from entering the premises.

Quinton is quoted expressing his disgust of the oppressive government in his speech saying “…the police started by threatening Bosco Skills Centre and now they have come here to stop the meeting. It is clear now that they do not want us to have the meeting...” Nonetheless Dlamini expressed TUCOSWA’s determination to continue the fight and struggle for democracy despite the government’s attempt to disrupt their meetings.

This meeting disruption caused the Trade Union Congress to resolve to holding the meeting outside Swaziland – in South Africa instead – on the 14th March 2015.

This kind of behaviour by the Swaziland government – precisely the king’s government – shows to anybody who has any kind of sense that oppression, suppression, dictatorial means are the order of the day, and representative democracy by the populace is a NO Go area in Swaziland. Swaziland is still being ruled by executive orders from the crown with no regard for the nation’s interest, with no allowance for freedom of expression, association and public gathering, unless of course those meeting are held to propagate the dictatorship’s agenda. Any dissenting views, opinions, speech, expressions of any sort are not allowed, otherwise anyone who tries to go against the state is imprisoned without fair trial…


For those imprisoned by the dictatorship, we are with you in spirit, we stand with you in continuing to announce to the world that Swaziland needs the international community and the Swazi people (eMaSwati) to liberate it from the clutches of the dictatorial monarchy and its “Yes” followers.


Aluta Kontinua... the struggle continues... until Swaziland is free.


By: Clement M. Gama

Swaziland Vigil UK Activist





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