It does not come as a big surprise that a visit by Umbutfo Swaziland’s Defence Force commander General Sobantu Dlamini to Russia in the company of other senior military officers has been leaked to the Times Of Swaziland, because of his sudden illness while he was still in that country on a ‘top secret’ visit. Of course Swaziland is a sovereign country which has the freedom to form alliances with other countries but this comes as no big surprise that the oppressive Tinkhundla System led by the only remaining absolute monarchy in the world has chosen to link ties with a country with a very poor history of democracy and human rights freedoms and which is currently defying international calls to refrain from attacking an independent state Ukraine. Which begs the question, what does Swaziland’s poor majority stand to gain from this country? The obvious answer is that King Mswati is intending to replenish his military might and continue waging war against his own people, denying them their fundamental rights through the vicious tirade of tortures and murders committed by his police force against political activists in Swaziland. We as Swazi Vigil shall continue to demonstrate in front of the Swazi embassy in London and condemn these attacks and denial of civil liberties until they are duly accorded without any constraints and full democracy is attained by Swaziland
By: Dumsani Lokothwako