Bemanti held hostage a businesswoman, daughter and a maid. Who do these men think they are? Swaziland is going all over the world, lying about human rights being respected in Swaziland. How on earth is this barbaric act of these irresponsible and nasty guys allowed to continue? These guys unfortunately, are mostly in the armed forces, including the police, prison wardens and the army.

Another incident happened in Pigg's Peak, the same area of the above incident. The same group, known as "bemanti", snatched a poor baby from its mother, just because she was not caring him on her back using "imbeleko" - a baby carrier kit. These monsters have been released by the king to terrorise the voiceless Swazis. Both the mother and the baby were left traumatised by the incident.

These man normally go for days without washing up, and then end up stinking. Imagine your baby being grabbed by a stinking group of strangers. This will be a scare which will never heal for the poor baby. Unfortunately, the poor woman called the police after the incident, who just laughed it off, and never took it seriously. Where are the human rights in Swaziland?

Women in Swaziland are taken for granted. We need to stand up and fight for our rights as human beings. The country will never exist without us women. The Queen is quiet, as all these inhumane incidents are happening. There are women in parliament, but none are challenging such barbaric acts. Is it because they're part of the government which doesn't respect human rights? These are the despicable acts supported by our government. This has to stop!

By: Philile Dlamini


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