The Times of Swaziland reported: "A magician died after he was dumped on the roadside by two unknown police officers at Mvakwelitje, Mbabane in the early hours of yesterday.
The man, Mduduzi Gama from Zone II, was left near the shopping complex in the area. The police officers, who were travelling in a police van, are said to have left the man, who could not walk, after taking him out of the vehicle at around 5am.

Before he died, he bled from his head and people who saw him said he had bloodshot eyes. Gama, according to his family, made a living through performing magic. The family also said the late popular magician, who was known as Ndlovu, taught Mduduzi magic tricks.

According to a vendor who sells fat cakes in the area, she saw the police van coming from the Hilltop direction. She said she arrived at the market at 4:55am. She said she was facing down minding her own business when she heard the car driving past the speed humps, and she looked up and realised that it was a police van.
“The vehicle came to a halt at the bus station and a male police officer alighted from the van. He told the man that he should get off because he said he was going to Mvakweltje,” the vendor said.

She said a female police officer alighted from the passenger side of the vehicle and gave the man a plastic bag. The vendor said the male officer helped the man out of the van as he could not walk. She said she thought he was drunk.

The vendor said the man tried getting up from where he had been left but failed and he stayed on the ground until he was helped by passers by to get to the other side of the road. She said she was worried that the man would be run over by cars and she asked some men to remove him. “While he was on the ground, he was screaming asking to be helped up. I was worried that he would get cold and that he would be hit by passing cars so I asked some men to move him to the other side of the road."

By Rainny Dlamini