King Mswati III pledges E91million (SZL) ($6million USD) to Global Fund while the situation at our hospitals is even dire, we have gone without medication for months on ends, it is anyone's guess where the money to procure some more drugs and medication will come from. Elderly people don't get their grant, sometimes they go for months without their grant, disabled people are not even in the picture (not taken care of) - talking about orphans - they cannot access education and can go for days without food, yet Mswati has more than enough to give away whilst his own people are starving and scraping by just to stay alive.

Mswati  is spending money wrecklesly and recently he's been to the United Nations Summit in New York with his children still spending money without thinking of the destitute Swazi people. We have had enough of this! One has to stand up and talk about it. We have had enough of this!!!!!

Liyafa live sibuka!!!!  Phansi ngaMakhosetive Phansi!!!!

By: Thulile Dlamini