We had a very cold vigil on the 21/04/2012, while back home Mswati was celebrating his 44th birthday. Passerby’s were shocked to hear that Mswati was demanding a cow from each of the suffering Swazi people as gifts for his birthday. Our coordinators Flora Dlamini, Margret Dlamini and Jabulile Simelane had the following to say about the Brutal regime of Mswati. Flora Dlamini says, “we noticed that there was a notice on the door at the Swazi embassy here in the uk informing people that they will be closed on 20th April 2012 due to the king of Swaziland ‘s birthday. It is such a shame and really saddening to learn that a country like Swaziland where people are living in such poverty, are still forced to take part in celebrations. King Mswati is such a selfish individual who only thinks of himself. Money spent during these celebrations can help a lot in many ways in the poverty stricken country. This is the time where by all his 13 wives will be travelling to different countries abroad doing their expensive shopping in preparation for the Birthday. Each women is given more than £50.000 in cash for the shopping, while, there is no medicine in Swaziland hospitals yet more than 50% of the population is living with HIV. King Mswati is all about himself and his family with his children attending the most expensive schools here in the UK. As Swazis we have had enough with him and the country can do better without him. Swazi people wants democracy in the country. We shall fight until we see the changes in Swaziland. BACKWARDS NEVER!!!!!



Jabulile Simelane who is an activist residing in the United Kingdom says, “I’m very much against what Mswati is doing I will always keep saying what a ridiculous king we have he is such an embarrassment in this world. He tortured my father who once served the royalty but he was kicked out like garbage, yesterday we were at the Swazi vigil where we demonstrate every other a week.to my surprise I was so dumbfounded to see a note about the dictator on the door that on the 20 is going to be a public holiday for who???? Even the Queen of this country never makes a public holiday public this is so ridiculous. Right now he just bought an island in Qatar so it shows how far he can afford yet his people are living in grinding poverty.


Maswati lahlala lapha e ngilandi ase nivule emehlo nicabangele tihlobo tenu letilambile emakhaya sifuna inkhululeko barnabas na mswati wakhe abahambe! balibulele live lemaswati akunatibhedlela make uyagula tinso uma angabuyela ekhaya angafa ngeliviki.

I would like to urge Swazis who are residing in the United Kingdom to come and join us every other week at the Swazi Embassy to fight together in this war. if the Libyan s could topple Gaddafi who was the most powerful leader in the world why cant we?sesingahlulwa ngulembungulu Please open your eyes don’t let this dictator brainwash you.


How can u go to every household demanding that a cow be given to the dictator for his birthday? This man has plenty of cows which can feed his nation for over 10 years what is most painful is the concern of the elderly who get paid once in 6 months yet his wives are living a lavish life. This womanizer must go he we are ready for him when he comes for the queens jubilee.