The Swaziland High Commissioner in London, Mrs Dumsile T. Sukati, was left flustered when she was confronted by human rights activists at the Swaziland Vigil outside the Swaziland High Commission on Saturday, 13th June 2015.

Mrs Sukati was travelling in her official Mercedes on her way to cucumber sandwiches with the Queen on the occasion of the annual ceremonial military parade Trooping the Colour.

The Vigil had noticed that they were being closely monitored by someone who appeared to be an official from the High Commission, which is near Buckingham Palace. Suddenly a car flying the Swaziland flag emerged. Unfortunately for the High Commissioner it was stopped by traffic lights and the activists pounced, reducing the envoy to hiding her face behind a magazine.

Swazi Vigil UK activists mobbing the Swaziland High Commissioner's car outside the Swaziland High Commission in London.

They demanded to know why there was no democracy in Swaziland and that King Mswati must go. When the car at last made a desperate escape, the High Commissioner was visibly shaken. Perhaps she felt better after a few cucumbers . . .


By Coodinator: Thobile Gwebu