It was in February 2015 when King Mswati was reported to have undertook to personally see to the eradication of HIV in Swaziland by 2022. The question is how feasible and valid is such an undertaking with the poor current conditions of the government hospitals. To eradicate an epidemic like HIV requires a change of attitude, commitment to the change, proper use of financial resources and an infrastructure properly designed to cater for such. Talking of a change in attitude, recently the king married two more girls, upholding a culture that permits and promotes promiscuity.

Faithfulness is said to be the key to the reduction of sexually transmitted infections. How does King Mswati hope to change the attitudes when he himself and his household still uphold a culture of multiple partners which puts women in a dire predicament, as they are considered minors and have no say in sexual matters of their spouses.

Over and above this he controls and spends the country’s financial resources in a wasteful manner, not on needy citizens but on his household. According to a report issued by IMF on Swaziland, spending on the royal family drains the economy of Swaziland. This is evidenced by the recent millions of Emalangeni allocated for the king’s wives spending spree. Not even considering the fact that the country has been hit by drought in the 2015 farming season. A report in the Swazi Observer stated that Member of Parliament Mr James Simelane of Esandleni constituency pointed out that families in his constituency have begun dying of hunger as a result of government’s failure to distribute food to the needy and poor families. Is this the king’s eradication tool. To let helpless citizens die of hunger whilst he wastes financial resources on luxury. How does it work?

By: Clerence Busi Simelane



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