No Speaker has been elected when the constitution clearly stipulates that the Speaker should be elected. Feeble excuses that they were started late in the day, not enough ballot papers. This is just a mess and it stinks of The Monarch influence and we all know that the speaker will be of the King's choice. The new elected MPs are not speaking out and that's what they are there for. How can they speak out so early in their term of office, they dare not as they will miss out on all those foreign trips where the King hand picks his delegates. They all want to be on the right with the King and be known as rebellious MPs. The present form of government with no opposition party does not work. Who challenges the government when they detain young men and women lock up in solitary confinement without any charges. The MPs won't dare speak out in parliament and try to hold the police to account for their actions in fear of the Monarch and being singled out as an outcast in parliament.

Parliamentarians should know that what they would be doing tomorrow (21/10/13) in the chambers would be in total violation of the constitution. The constitution is quite explicit to the procedures that need to be undertaken when electing the Speaker of The House Of Assembly. To see the supreme law of the land being violated with impunity is a disgrace and travesty to whole justice system and there could be on answer to this and that's the interference of the Monarch. If Themba Msibi is not appointed (elected) the Speaker

tomorrow I will have to eat my words. He is the King's choice and that's why all the other candidates have taken the back seat in fear of challenging the King's choice. No one in parliament wants to been seen as a rebel as there are dire consequences from the Monarch, your time as a parliamentarian will be hell running down to your family and loved ones. The present parliamentary system and set up is not working and will continue to not work. As a member of parliament one should not fear to challenge things like this. The truth is that there no democratic government in Swaziland.




We as an organization stand against a number of cultural practices that are harmful to the integrity of individuals especially women and girl children. Like in our country Swaziland, these harmful traditional practices emanate from the deeply entrenched discriminatory views and beliefs imposed by king Mswati III about the role and position of women in our country.

King Mswati’s rule of law has created differentiation and expectations from the entire Swazi society that relegate women to an inferior position from birth throughout their lives. Harmful practices maintain the subordination of women in society. For example there is a strong belief that sexual intercourse with a virgin girl can cure HIV and AIDS and this has led to an increase in sexual violence against girls resulting in huge psychological scars on the victims.

King Mswati is a custodian of traditional beliefs such as polygamy this tradition is synonymous with gender violence and it reduces women to sub-human assets belonging to men. Girls in Swaziland are brought up aware that they are a source of wealth for their families and the training they get at home is supposed to prepare them for marriage. This is why as Swazi Vigil we are up in arms against the government of the King we are making our voices heard here in the UK fighting for total recognition and restoration of women’s rights in Swaziland.

Millicent Dlamini.


It was another sad day for Swaziland as the government announce the king had received a luxury jet as a gift from an anonymous sponsor and the people were meant to believe that sometimes theses guys they treat their own people like full.We had been there before and last time the country lost over three millions pounds in deposit when finally people's power halted the purchase.
The excuse for the jet that was given to the people was ridiculous no development partners would like to remain anonymous by their nature development agencies are transparent.Given the financial crisis the country is facing responsible person would have refused the gift and even go as far as asking for the value of the of the jet to be given instead to the Swazi people,in any country these would be considered a bribe if by any chance was to happen but of course only in Swaziland things like these happen.
Countries around the world are tightening their belts when it comes to finance but not with the Swazi government and our king for many years him and his wives have been leaving a millionaires life style while ordinary Swazi people struggle to put a meal on the table.These had been going on for so long and the health,safety and well being of the Swazi people comes first.
we might never know how much the jet cost but it did'nt come cheap and looking beyond that to keep it on the air its another mouth watering cost.These are cost that the country can not afford and can do without,calls to get rid of the jet are met with deaf ears force, well to be honest force is the only answer to them.