It was another sad day for Swaziland as the government announce the king had received a luxury jet as a gift from an anonymous sponsor and the people were meant to believe that sometimes theses guys they treat their own people like full.We had been there before and last time the country lost over three millions pounds in deposit when finally people's power halted the purchase.
The excuse for the jet that was given to the people was ridiculous no development partners would like to remain anonymous by their nature development agencies are transparent.Given the financial crisis the country is facing responsible person would have refused the gift and even go as far as asking for the value of the of the jet to be given instead to the Swazi people,in any country these would be considered a bribe if by any chance was to happen but of course only in Swaziland things like these happen.
Countries around the world are tightening their belts when it comes to finance but not with the Swazi government and our king for many years him and his wives have been leaving a millionaires life style while ordinary Swazi people struggle to put a meal on the table.These had been going on for so long and the health,safety and well being of the Swazi people comes first.
we might never know how much the jet cost but it did'nt come cheap and looking beyond that to keep it on the air its another mouth watering cost.These are cost that the country can not afford and can do without,calls to get rid of the jet are met with deaf ears force, well to be honest force is the only answer to them.
Dweshu Makhanya
In the next coming weeks the people of Swaziland will be going to the polls to elect next member of parliament what a sad story for our country when other nation vote to elect prime ministers or presidents cos our prime minister is appointed by the king just as well as high position are controlled by the king himself,what hope is there for the people.For decades the people had been voting for the same system that clearly had not worked for the vast majority of the people,elite few had benefited and all those are the ones who say YES to the monarch.
The problem my country is facing were accumulated over a long period of time and we must not expect them to be solved over night or in the next election,the sad thing is that though the current system had failed so many no one at the top seem to realise that perhaps they are blinded by the benefits they enjoy.
Swaziland is now among the sickest,poorest most corrupt and unhappiest nation in the world.Ordinary Swazi people are begging for an alternatives to their present lives which are dominated by poverty,hunger,sickness and death.
All these problem will never be address let alone met with the current system of tinkhudla. We are a small country which should be a good thing but the monarch had used that to their advantage ban political parties stop any kind of reforms,always reminding the people about the 2005 constitution which does not protect anyone but themselves and be able to go after those who dare call for change.The least the king should do hold a referendum about the current system put a yes or no question to the people and see what going to be the results and must be respected and the country can move on.
dear sir ,please let me express my disappointment with our prime minister regard to the article in the times of swaziland dated 25-6-13 ANTI GOVERNMENT SPEAKERS ARE KEPT ON RECORD.
Sir the fact that the government does not want to accept that the world is changing is a big mistake as we had seen in the arab spring uprising the call for human right and the 1973 decree abolishment will only get louder and louder till it can no longer be ignored.The world has become smaller and even more connected than ever before and if our prime minister thinks somehow he will scare them away then i m sorry i have bad news for him they are going no where in fact the number will only grow.
threatening anti gov. speakers will not solve anything i suggest the government call these groups to the table to discuss how we can work together to move our country forward build a more solid union that can withstand the challenges of the twenty first century,all sides must know that in any discussion you will never get what you hoped for and must be willing to make some compromise.Our country has got the advantage to learn to those who went before us so we can avoid their mistake and can only copy what is good for us and even do better.
finally sir the government must also address the dip pressing issues that are dragging our country down high rate of crime,record level of youth unemployment,record level of government debt,corruption at the highest government level,police brutality to name just a few the list goes on and all these issues can never be fully and proper debated unless you have an opposition side that can put pressure on the government.
Dweshu Makhanya