The Eswatini (Swaziland) Government continues to use its police (Eswatini Police Force) force to victimise, torture, intimidate, jail and or kill anyone who advocates for democracy and human rights in Eswatini. If anyone publishes an article or campaigns for democracy that person is perceived as an enemy of the state. The police will be after such an individual, because they have powers to harass, intimidate, torture, arrest, jail or even kill such an activist for just promoting democracy.
On the 15th of May 2020 VOA News reported the plight of Swazi Journalist Eugene Dube and political activist Ncamiso Ngcamphalala who had been harassed and tortured by the police for publishing articles on democracy, they were told they had committed a crime as it was against the law to criticize the monarchy. The police went to Eugen Dube's home to search and they seized some of his personal items and he was detained for Nine hours. Dube ended up fleeing the country for fear for his life.
Ncamiso Ngcamphalala was arrested for criticising the king, and he was refused bail. He was charged with an offence under the Sedition and Subversive Activities Act of 1938. Unfortunately, since King Mswati III became king, there has been more oppression on freedom fighters and to those who campaign for democracy. The 1973 Decree, Sedition and Subversive Activities Act and the Suppression of Terrorism Act are used to silence pro-democracy fighters and activists. The Tinkundla System - the dual form of government (traditional and civil) - is designed to embrace everything the King wants or does, the citizens are not considered, the system ignores that Mswati III is the king because of the citizens, without the citizens he woul be a nobody.
There has been never be a dialogue between the government and the citizenry about democracy. The citizens are not considered, government is all about the king - the country belongs to the king, this and that belongs to the king, the people belong to the king etc - the citizens have to do what the king wants or says, whether it is right or wrong.
As for I, Zodwa Dlamini - a member of Swaziland Vigil UK - absolutely condemns what the Eswatini Police force are doing under the instruction of the king.  The police are to protect citizens, not to intimidate, harass , jail and kill them.  Every Swazi citizen is entitled to freedom of speech and of expression - which the police have no problem violating at this juncture. 
This violation of human rights has to stop.  All people have a right of freedom of speech and expression
Zodwa Juliet Dlamini

To All Swaziland Vigil Activists (19/03/2020)

Given that, because of the coronavirus, the UK government is asking people not to travel and to minimise social interaction, it has been decided not to continue with the Swazi Vigil for the time being - a difficult decision after over 9 years of continuous protest - until such time it is safer to do so. Therefore, we will start up again when things normalise and you will be advised well in advance. Please see the following link for government Travel Advice on the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The Vigil co-ordinators know our activists want to continue / increase their activism with the Vigil for a better Swaziland (Eswatini) and will continue to need our support. We are currently looking at ways activists can continue to show their commitment to Swazi Vigil and its human rights work in Eswatini so we can continue to bring hope to Eswatini – possibly some sort of virtual Vigil. We will keep you informed of progress on this. If you have any ideas how this can be done, please let us know.

Please circulate this message to others who may need to be aware that the Vigil is not meeting for the time being. Thank you.

Swazi Vigil Co-ordinators

Swazi Vigil, outside the Eswatini High Commission, Buckingham Gate, London.

King Mswati III pledges E91million (SZL) ($6million USD) to Global Fund while the situation at our hospitals is even dire, we have gone without medication for months on ends, it is anyone's guess where the money to procure some more drugs and medication will come from. Elderly people don't get their grant, sometimes they go for months without their grant, disabled people are not even in the picture (not taken care of) - talking about orphans - they cannot access education and can go for days without food, yet Mswati has more than enough to give away whilst his own people are starving and scraping by just to stay alive.

Mswati  is spending money wrecklesly and recently he's been to the United Nations Summit in New York with his children still spending money without thinking of the destitute Swazi people. We have had enough of this! One has to stand up and talk about it. We have had enough of this!!!!!

Liyafa live sibuka!!!!  Phansi ngaMakhosetive Phansi!!!!

By: Thulile Dlamini