Bemanti held hostage a businesswoman, daughter and a maid. Who do these men think they are? Swaziland is going all over the world, lying about human rights being respected in Swaziland. How on earth is this barbaric act of these irresponsible and nasty guys allowed to continue? These guys unfortunately, are mostly in the armed forces, including the police, prison wardens and the army.

Another incident happened in Pigg's Peak, the same area of the above incident. The same group, known as "bemanti", snatched a poor baby from its mother, just because she was not caring him on her back using "imbeleko" - a baby carrier kit. These monsters have been released by the king to terrorise the voiceless Swazis. Both the mother and the baby were left traumatised by the incident.

These man normally go for days without washing up, and then end up stinking. Imagine your baby being grabbed by a stinking group of strangers. This will be a scare which will never heal for the poor baby. Unfortunately, the poor woman called the police after the incident, who just laughed it off, and never took it seriously. Where are the human rights in Swaziland?

Women in Swaziland are taken for granted. We need to stand up and fight for our rights as human beings. The country will never exist without us women. The Queen is quiet, as all these inhumane incidents are happening. There are women in parliament, but none are challenging such barbaric acts. Is it because they're part of the government which doesn't respect human rights? These are the despicable acts supported by our government. This has to stop!

By: Philile Dlamini


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People in Swaziland have been ordered not to comment on the controversial sponsorship of a new soccer tournament because King Mswati III has "pronounced" on the subject.

In a stark example of the lack of freedom of speech in the tiny kingdom where King Mswati rules as sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, the most senior monarchy loyalist TV Mtetwa has pronounced that ‘members of parliament, [cabinet] ministers and whoever’ must be silent on the matter.

The controversy surrounds the E9 million (about US$900,000) sponsorship of the Ingwenyama Cup tournament by the government parastatal Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (SMVAF). SMVAF exists to compensate victims of road accidents.

A range of critics said the amount of sponsorship was too much to spend in a kingdom that was presently battling with poverty and a drought. Seven in ten of the King’s 1.3 million subjects live in abject poverty with incomes of less than US$2 a day.

But, the Swazi Observer on Saturday, a newspaper in effect owned by King Mswati, reported on Saturday (21 November 2015) that Mtetwa, who is generally regarded as the ‘traditional prime minister’, said people must stop discussing the topic, ‘because the lion has already roared on the matter' - meaning the king has spoken, and that's final.

The newspaper added, ‘Mtetwa said since time immemorial it had been a traditional norm that no one speaks after the King had spoken.’

The newspaper said, ‘He warned all critics to guard against being seen to be going against pronouncements made by the King.’

The newspaper added, ‘Also sought for comment, was traditionalist and National Court President Ndumiso Dlamini who put it clear that he expected no one to taint what the king had blessed’.

‘He said it was a known traditional or and cultural practice that once His Majesty had spoken, no one is expected to say a word against his.’

As Swaziland Vigil UK, we will continue fighting against such traditions and practices because these are the very core violations of human rights the Swazi regime exercises without even the possibility of being challenged. We continue to FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY IN SWAZILAND, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, HUMAN RIGHTS AND ALSO WOMEN's RIGHTS until the whole world hears us.


By: Rainny Dlamini


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It does not come as a big surprise that a visit by Umbutfo Swaziland’s Defence Force commander General Sobantu Dlamini to Russia in the company of other senior military officers has been leaked to the Times Of Swaziland, because of his sudden illness while he was still in that country on a ‘top secret’ visit. Of course Swaziland is a sovereign country which has the freedom to form alliances with other countries but this comes as no big surprise that the oppressive Tinkhundla System led by the only remaining absolute monarchy in the world has chosen to link ties with a country with a very poor history of democracy and human rights freedoms and which is currently defying international calls to refrain from attacking an independent state Ukraine. Which begs the question, what does Swaziland’s poor majority stand to gain from this country? The obvious answer is that King Mswati is intending to replenish his military might and continue waging war against his own people, denying them their fundamental rights through the vicious tirade of tortures and murders committed by his police force against political activists in Swaziland. We as Swazi Vigil shall continue to demonstrate in front of the Swazi embassy in London and condemn these attacks and denial of civil liberties until they are duly accorded without any constraints and full democracy is attained by Swaziland
By: Dumsani Lokothwako